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All of our staff are trained to provide excellence in customer service.  Customer service and quality is our Number One priority.   All of our control panels are built in right here in Canada, using the highest quality components.

We are employee owned and operated and are a local company.

All staff are rigorously trained and understand our strict programming standards.  Our proprietary standards ensure consistent quality of our work, and that the systems can be serviced long into the future, based on a solid foundation set in place from the outset of the project.

Our programming is well documented, clear and easy to troubleshoot, and commonly referred to as the best in the industry. This allows any of our technicians ease in troubleshooting or commissioning another's work.

All of our technical employees are fully trained before being sent to your workplace. We have in place formal training and mentoring of staff, which begins from the outset of an employees life at Vesta. OurTechnical Director, John Drysdale, C.E.T., monitors each technician making sure they are fully capable before being sent to site on their own.

Our rapid response team is on call 24 / 7 and are local staff.  This allows us to respond to any emergency situation that you might have.

We can often be on site within hours of receiving your call, and be immediately helping to resolve the issues quickly, to reduce impact on your operations.

Many of our customers, will have us inventory certain critical, out of date or long delivery system components, so that when an emergency occurs, we can draw the part from our inventory immediately.  This can dramatically reduce any losses due to system component break downs.

Our senior professional engineer has over 35 years of experience in industry, and our design and assembly team has second to none experience in all aspects of keeping your system operating, day after day, year after year.  

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